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2009-10-05 09:19 am
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One "new" and one old vid (Moonlight and BSG-Helo)

Time to catch up with LJ :) ...unfortunately I can only go back to September 22 :( (and hope I didn't miss much).

Before I start that I have one new vid (Moonlight) that I made and uploaded on YT and other streaming places back on Sept.27 but never had the time to do it here too.

The other is one of my older vids (BSG - Helo fanvid - Map of the Problematique by Muse - Now Deep Dish - Flashdance mix..and Athena vid), made in October 2007, which was down for a long time (copyright problems). I thought it was time to decide what to do with it so I swapped the audio. It's old and 4:3 really not worth the trouble of disputing that copyright claim. The result is...well, it's worth

Moonlight vid )

BSG vid )
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2009-09-15 04:58 pm
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Muse - The Resistance!!!

I finally have, as of this morning, the new album "The Resistance" on my comp...and I haven't stop listening to it the whole day :D


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2009-09-13 08:13 pm
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Supernatural...S5...(no spoilers)

Can this show be any more awesome than it already is?! - YES IT CAN!

What an explosive beginning of the new season...there was action, humor, drama...everything, and the beginning....I'm not embarrassed at all to admit that I was jumping around to AC/DC - Thunderstruck :D

And!...them messing with slash fans never stops to amuse me.
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2009-09-11 09:16 pm
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Fandoms list

I started shipping another human&vampire couple...Mick & Beth from Moonlight..., yet another show that got cancelled. I seem to have a thing for lost

That made me think about all the shows/fandoms I care about and I couldn't even remember them all at once so I decided to make a

To be honest, BSG was (and still is) my only real fandom, the one I was really invested in, at times more than I should, and sometimes not as much as I wanted to. Now that I got so obsessed with vidding I think "vidding is my fandom". I saw that line in one icon and now I realised how much of that is true in my case, at least for now. I wish i have more time for that too but that's a separate story. I think I'm still suffering from fandom (BSG) withdrawal syndrome and I can't see myself invested in any other fandom like that. Twilight fandom is so much fun and I love it but everything is known there, no mystery, no suspense to what will happen next. I met some wonderful people there :D and that makes me really happy. Lost and Supernatural I like the most but I never had the time for those fandoms nor I ever felt sucked in like with BSG. Actually I think I don't think I'll ever have time for more than one or two fandoms at the time (and there will never be a show as good as BSG...*sigh*).

THE list )
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2009-09-11 08:59 pm
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One good week :)

This has been one really good week.
I finished one vid, I won two :D awards in a Twilight vidding contest (I'll post about it later when the awards are finished), AND...most importantly, I started working on solving one major problem in RL.
And that last thing feels so good even though there is no guarantee that everything will turn out as I would like to. Just dealing with the problem is making me hyper happy!

ETA: I got my gorgeous awards :D

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2009-09-08 08:08 pm
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Ease my Pain - New Moon fanvid

Song: Ease my Pain by Declan Flynn and Brian Wayy
Characters: Edward & Bella (no Jacob!)
Spoilers: Twilight movie and two released trailers for New Moon
Length: 3:15
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Download link: (avi/53MB) HERE or slightly better version (avi/3Mbps/77MB) HERE

This song was first used in one awesome Supernatural vid Ease my Pain made by [ profile] secretlytodream . I can only wish she made it for Twilight, or at least make one TW vid... What can I say...her vids are amazing!

lyrics & notes )
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2009-09-03 05:15 pm
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2009-08-29 02:03 pm
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(no subject)

I've been away for too long (spending my time on research mostly) and I see everyone on my flist has been busy in the past week... I'll try to catch up soon :)

I also did watch few awesome vids (and downloaded a bunch of them for later) but I'll rec only one for now :)

Beware...this song is addictive...I can't seem to get it out of my

[Dollhouse] Adelle & Victor - Coin-Operated Boy by [ profile] thebloodwine

You can leave some feedback to the author HERE

Not only did she choose the perfect song but the editing is perfect too. It describes the essence of "relationship" Adelle and Victor have in, at first, funny way, but leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth.
I'm in a hurry now so deeper thoughts will have to wait for later.
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2009-08-20 05:23 pm

My first award :D

:D My first competition and my first (gorgeous and shiny) award.

CJA - Best in show (BSG) award

I don't know what to say, except that I never expected to win anything so this came as a complete and pleasant surprise!

And, I have one more pretty award graphic I just have to show - It's BSG ;) and very appropriate for genre contenders don't you think (or any contenders :) ).

CJA - Genre contender round 2

I submitted 3 of my vids and Dust in the Wind is listed as a contender for Drama, Bodies for Horror and Kung-Fu for Comedy/Crack :)

Most of the vids I liked (and I watched all 95 of them) won something but there are a few surprises...
Anyway, I'm reccing a few,...well, more than just a few :) of my personal favourites here and I'll keep my comments short. Some of them won the awards, some not, and some won different awards that I thought they would. All things considered it was a really tough competition and I think the judges did their best.

vid recs - 15 min of pure awesomness )
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2009-08-07 05:42 pm
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CJA vidding awards & one vid rec

Finalists of round 2 are out! Those people really work fast.
There are 96 of them and I'll be over there watching them all...'cos I KNOW they are all excellent ....and I'll try to guess which one will win ;)
(Titles are links to streaming sites)

Let's say this is the first competition that I dared to submit any of my vids (the first one being Vidorama comm that is closed now) and all 3 (to my big surprise!) passed.

I'm a happy vidder now :D

(and I don't expect to win anything - just to get some incentive to continue vidding and become better in it ;) )


One vid that I'm sure would win just about everything at CJA isn't there :( I have to rec it :)
This one would surely kick up standards even more, so.... for all of you that haven't seen it yet....GO! GO! GO!...NOW!
(I strongly recommend downloading the better version of this vid at author's lj - link at the end of this post)

Unnatural Selection - Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: Sarah Connor by [ profile] charmax

And if you liked it go HERE and give the author some love :)
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2009-08-06 08:05 pm
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For a while I'll be staying away from anything other than vidding tech stuff on the net.
Yes. I'm finally resolved to learn how to make some good quality vids. (FYI I'm still vidding with xvid even though I have the same shows/movies on DVD *hangs head in shame*)

It may prove to be huge, time-consuming task but I just can't watch another great quality vid without whining "why can't my vids look like that" Seriously, I really want to cry when I watch that clear, sharp picture...and then my messy, blurry vids...

The problem is that I have a good idea about just how much I have to learn and it's terrifying to know how much time this task will consume. One thing you don't know leads to another and it goes on like that. I keep finding myself reading about things like, for example, history of
But, I have to do it. Now.

progress so far )

I'll write about my progress (in detail) and (past and new) experiences in separate posts tagged vidding tech.
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2009-08-06 07:43 pm
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Terminator Movie vs. TSCC & Leverage!!!

After rewatching Terminator - The Sara Connor Chronicles it was only natural to watch Terminator -Salvation movie so that's what I did, with great expectations naturally..

Terminator movie SUCKS! ....and TSCC is cancelled...there is no justice in this world *cries*

I wanted so much to write about all the reasons why I didn't like this movie but then I decided it's not even worth the trouble.

Even comparing it to TSCC feels wrong and insulting TO ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV THAT GOT CANCELLED!

In other news...Leverage ROCKS! (Watched S1 only)

Anyone know some comm on LJ where I can find Leverage icons???
I sooo want one with Eliot connecting usb to a cassette, preferably a gif :D
(and my next geeky post will explain

Edit: I was away for a few days and I am certain I missed someones birthday. And I can't remember. I had that announcement on my home page and now it's gone.
What I'm saying is...I'm sorry...
That's what happens when you turn off all messages and e-mails on LJ. Now I'll HAVE TO fix that.
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2009-07-03 12:00 am
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My vid is featured at BAM!!!
link to BAM
MY vid! And I was this possible?!
It's a funny Twilight vid I did - "The Pledge", hence Edward icon ;)

Make sure you watch some other featured vids there, especially one called Supernatural on

EDIT - not any more :)
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2009-06-30 05:43 pm
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Dollhouse vid - Bodies (Alpha)

Please watch in HQ.

Song: Bodies - Drowning Pool
Characters: Alpha centered vid
Spoilers: Season 1 clips
Length: 1:53
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: Alan Tudyk rocked (in) Dollhouse! This vid is a tribute to the character he plays - Alpha - as much as to his acting skills. Hopefully we'll see more of him :)
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2009-06-21 12:13 pm
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Vid rec (OMG...LOL!)

This vid was recently recced in [ profile] otw_news and I don't know how many people watched it...but IT'S A MUST SEE!!!

I'm not sure if it will be so funny if you don't know both Buffy and Twilight stories though.

I don't think I EVER laughed so much (except to that Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak is Going On? vid.

Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remixed) by rebelliouspixels

The author left a summary explaining the purpose of this vid BUT I don't care really what his intentions's AU and hilarious. That's what matters to me.
And I'm explaining 'cos I don't want Twilight fans to feel offended in some way. I never heard of "team Buffy" until now and it seems like they are some kind of Twilight haters??? (...fandom drama/wars?...guh)
This vid though doesn't feel offencive to me. *shrugs*
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2009-06-14 06:02 pm
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The Pledge - another funny Twilight vid

Please watch in HQ.

Song: The Pledge by Brendan Benson
Characters: Edward centered vid
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Summary: Edward Cullen...light :D
Length: 2:00
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: All that sad and gloomy atmosphere that follows New Moon has a strange effect on me - it seems I can't stop making funny Twilight vids, at least not before I decide to make a New Moon one So, after Kung-Fu one here comes another.
If you take a look at the lyrics you'll see why this song felt perfect for Edward ;)

I hope you like this one and tell me what you think.

cut for lyrics )
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2009-06-06 06:42 pm
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Vid rec

I've watched so many unbelievably good vids in past few weeks!!! (beside ones made for Mourn The Fallen Challenge at ATS) and I just have to share some of them :D

click for 3x4 minutes of pure awesomeness )
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2009-06-03 09:33 pm
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Twilight fanvid - Kung-Fu Fighting :)

Please watch in HQ.

Title: Twilight - Kung-Fu Fighting
Song: Kung-Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Characters: Bella & Vampires
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Length: 2:40
Summary: There is none!
Download link: (62MB) HERE

Notes: The idea for this vid came from lovely and talented [ profile] mizramanips as she requested it and I want to thank her again for letting me do this vid (and for my new, soon to be uploaded, header!!!)
As it happens she has this song as a ringtone and she didn't turn it off while watching Twilight...and it started ringing during the ballet studio scene...:D
Also I want to thank [ profile] mfirefly and [ profile] agathons_fan for doing beta for this one, and [ profile] sabaceanbabe too for trying even though she's not a Twilight fan at

I never did a request vid AND I have no trust in my sense of humour hence my begging everyone for Thank you again guys :)

Hope you all like it and have fun as much as I did while making it :D
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2009-05-28 08:29 pm
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Dust in the Wind - BSG vid

Song: Dust in the Wind - Daughter Darling
Characters: whole ensemble
Spoilers: all seasons
Download (82MB) HERE
Many thanks to [ profile] mfirefly10 and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for doing beta for me :)
Lyrics can be found in my comment on YouTube.
Please watch in HQ.

I made this vid for "Mourn the Fallen" challenge at Across The Salt.
For those who don't know the challenge was about mourning the ending of BSG and celebrating characters we loved, and love still.
Initially I just wanted to express my sadness over the ending of BSG and pay my tribute to all the characters, but it turned out into something more while I was making it, an overall sadness for all the lives and hopes lost (on both sides) took over and... here it is...
Maybe a summary of this vid would be: "And then, one day, the war was over..."
Hope you'll enjoy watching! :)
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2009-05-08 08:21 pm
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Making a tribute vid to Battlestar Galactica proved to be more difficult than I could have EVER imagined...
Here I am, sitting in front of the timeline, with only 4 min to work with and so many characters and epic scenes I want to use....
And I thought it would be easy...right...*headdesk*