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I finally have, as of this morning, the new album "The Resistance" on my comp...and I haven't stop listening to it the whole day :D


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:D My first competition and my first (gorgeous and shiny) award.

CJA - Best in show (BSG) award

I don't know what to say, except that I never expected to win anything so this came as a complete and pleasant surprise!

And, I have one more pretty award graphic I just have to show - It's BSG ;) and very appropriate for genre contenders don't you think (or any contenders :) ).

CJA - Genre contender round 2

I submitted 3 of my vids and Dust in the Wind is listed as a contender for Drama, Bodies for Horror and Kung-Fu for Comedy/Crack :)

Most of the vids I liked (and I watched all 95 of them) won something but there are a few surprises...
Anyway, I'm reccing a few,...well, more than just a few :) of my personal favourites here and I'll keep my comments short. Some of them won the awards, some not, and some won different awards that I thought they would. All things considered it was a really tough competition and I think the judges did their best.

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Finalists of round 2 are out! Those people really work fast.
There are 96 of them and I'll be over there watching them all...'cos I KNOW they are all excellent ....and I'll try to guess which one will win ;)
(Titles are links to streaming sites)

Let's say this is the first competition that I dared to submit any of my vids (the first one being Vidorama comm that is closed now) and all 3 (to my big surprise!) passed.

I'm a happy vidder now :D

(and I don't expect to win anything - just to get some incentive to continue vidding and become better in it ;) )


One vid that I'm sure would win just about everything at CJA isn't there :( I have to rec it :)
This one would surely kick up standards even more, so.... for all of you that haven't seen it yet....GO! GO! GO!...NOW!
(I strongly recommend downloading the better version of this vid at author's lj - link at the end of this post)

Unnatural Selection - Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: Sarah Connor by [ profile] charmax

And if you liked it go HERE and give the author some love :)
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For a while I'll be staying away from anything other than vidding tech stuff on the net.
Yes. I'm finally resolved to learn how to make some good quality vids. (FYI I'm still vidding with xvid even though I have the same shows/movies on DVD *hangs head in shame*)

It may prove to be huge, time-consuming task but I just can't watch another great quality vid without whining "why can't my vids look like that" Seriously, I really want to cry when I watch that clear, sharp picture...and then my messy, blurry vids...

The problem is that I have a good idea about just how much I have to learn and it's terrifying to know how much time this task will consume. One thing you don't know leads to another and it goes on like that. I keep finding myself reading about things like, for example, history of
But, I have to do it. Now.

progress so far )

I'll write about my progress (in detail) and (past and new) experiences in separate posts tagged vidding tech.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 12:00 am
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My vid is featured at BAM!!!
link to BAM
MY vid! And I was this possible?!
It's a funny Twilight vid I did - "The Pledge", hence Edward icon ;)

Make sure you watch some other featured vids there, especially one called Supernatural on

EDIT - not any more :)


May. 8th, 2009 08:21 pm
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Making a tribute vid to Battlestar Galactica proved to be more difficult than I could have EVER imagined...
Here I am, sitting in front of the timeline, with only 4 min to work with and so many characters and epic scenes I want to use....
And I thought it would be easy...right...*headdesk*
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Last two eps were awesome!
They finally gave us the reason to really care about the characters by revealing some of their secrets. Also, the stories are getting better too.

I was hoping that in the latest ep there would be more material I could use for my new vid (which is going great - almost 70% done :D - without effects though...) but instead we got a lot of Paul&Mellie and now I think there is enough material for the other vid I'm thinking about.
In any case I'm happy ;)
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Sometimes I feel so stupid. After using Vegas for almost two years, NOW I discovered how to set some things that were bothering me all that time.

The problem was that each footage comes in different dimensions so I had to set different kinds of projects in Vegas. Sometimes it all looks good from the start and I can see the same picture both in trimmer and on the timeline, but sometimes I got a different view, with horizontal, vertical (or both) black bars even when the project is set in same dimensions as the source.
solution )
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My disappearance for the past few days has a very simple explanation.
We got a new computer and even though it was assembled in one day it took few more days to experiment with various OS in order to find the one that would make Sony Vegas work the fastest.
more of vidder's excitement and tech talk.... )
Moving to BSG...

Last ep was mind -blowing. Literally!!! I had to take a pill to prevent my head from exploding
first impressions )


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