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Sometimes I feel so stupid. After using Vegas for almost two years, NOW I discovered how to set some things that were bothering me all that time.

The problem was that each footage comes in different dimensions so I had to set different kinds of projects in Vegas. Sometimes it all looks good from the start and I can see the same picture both in trimmer and on the timeline, but sometimes I got a different view, with horizontal, vertical (or both) black bars even when the project is set in same dimensions as the source.

I wanted no bars at all 'cos it's simpler that way to pan/crop or add masks and borders without the danger of messing things up in a rendered vid (and... I just like it that way :) ). I just couldn't figure out why that happens and all the while the answer was obvious.
Now, if I only read those little numbers under the preview screen that are different for project and preview screen.
Once I unchecked "simulate device aspect ratio" and "scale video to fit preview window" (right click on "display" under the preview window) and made more space for preview window (best view-full) on the screen, black bars disappeared! How simple is
Nothing changed when I rendered it in "original size".

Why am I writing this? Just to remind myself that some problems have simple

At the same time I discovered that 624x352 (my Dollhouse footage) is a great aspect ratio for YT 'cos it fills the whole widescreen there and can be watched in high quality, but not in HD (IMO not a lot of people have the speed and patience to wait a vid to load as HD and that's the only way it looks good - other option to watch vids in HD format is normal quality which sucks).


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