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Time to catch up with LJ :) ...unfortunately I can only go back to September 22 :( (and hope I didn't miss much).

Before I start that I have one new vid (Moonlight) that I made and uploaded on YT and other streaming places back on Sept.27 but never had the time to do it here too.

The other is one of my older vids (BSG - Helo fanvid - Map of the Problematique by Muse - Now Deep Dish - Flashdance mix..and Athena vid), made in October 2007, which was down for a long time (copyright problems). I thought it was time to decide what to do with it so I swapped the audio. It's old and 4:3 really not worth the trouble of disputing that copyright claim. The result is...well, it's worth

Moonlight vid )

BSG vid )
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Song: Ease my Pain by Declan Flynn and Brian Wayy
Characters: Edward & Bella (no Jacob!)
Spoilers: Twilight movie and two released trailers for New Moon
Length: 3:15
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Download link: (avi/53MB) HERE or slightly better version (avi/3Mbps/77MB) HERE

This song was first used in one awesome Supernatural vid Ease my Pain made by [ profile] secretlytodream . I can only wish she made it for Twilight, or at least make one TW vid... What can I say...her vids are amazing!

lyrics & notes )
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:D My first competition and my first (gorgeous and shiny) award.

CJA - Best in show (BSG) award

I don't know what to say, except that I never expected to win anything so this came as a complete and pleasant surprise!

And, I have one more pretty award graphic I just have to show - It's BSG ;) and very appropriate for genre contenders don't you think (or any contenders :) ).

CJA - Genre contender round 2

I submitted 3 of my vids and Dust in the Wind is listed as a contender for Drama, Bodies for Horror and Kung-Fu for Comedy/Crack :)

Most of the vids I liked (and I watched all 95 of them) won something but there are a few surprises...
Anyway, I'm reccing a few,...well, more than just a few :) of my personal favourites here and I'll keep my comments short. Some of them won the awards, some not, and some won different awards that I thought they would. All things considered it was a really tough competition and I think the judges did their best.

vid recs - 15 min of pure awesomness )
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Please watch in HQ.

Song: Bodies - Drowning Pool
Characters: Alpha centered vid
Spoilers: Season 1 clips
Length: 1:53
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: Alan Tudyk rocked (in) Dollhouse! This vid is a tribute to the character he plays - Alpha - as much as to his acting skills. Hopefully we'll see more of him :)
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Please watch in HQ.

Song: The Pledge by Brendan Benson
Characters: Edward centered vid
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Summary: Edward Cullen...light :D
Length: 2:00
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: All that sad and gloomy atmosphere that follows New Moon has a strange effect on me - it seems I can't stop making funny Twilight vids, at least not before I decide to make a New Moon one So, after Kung-Fu one here comes another.
If you take a look at the lyrics you'll see why this song felt perfect for Edward ;)

I hope you like this one and tell me what you think.

cut for lyrics )
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Please watch in HQ.

Title: Twilight - Kung-Fu Fighting
Song: Kung-Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Characters: Bella & Vampires
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Length: 2:40
Summary: There is none!
Download link: (62MB) HERE

Notes: The idea for this vid came from lovely and talented [ profile] mizramanips as she requested it and I want to thank her again for letting me do this vid (and for my new, soon to be uploaded, header!!!)
As it happens she has this song as a ringtone and she didn't turn it off while watching Twilight...and it started ringing during the ballet studio scene...:D
Also I want to thank [ profile] mfirefly and [ profile] agathons_fan for doing beta for this one, and [ profile] sabaceanbabe too for trying even though she's not a Twilight fan at

I never did a request vid AND I have no trust in my sense of humour hence my begging everyone for Thank you again guys :)

Hope you all like it and have fun as much as I did while making it :D
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Song: Dust in the Wind - Daughter Darling
Characters: whole ensemble
Spoilers: all seasons
Download (82MB) HERE
Many thanks to [ profile] mfirefly10 and [ profile] sabaceanbabe for doing beta for me :)
Lyrics can be found in my comment on YouTube.
Please watch in HQ.

I made this vid for "Mourn the Fallen" challenge at Across The Salt.
For those who don't know the challenge was about mourning the ending of BSG and celebrating characters we loved, and love still.
Initially I just wanted to express my sadness over the ending of BSG and pay my tribute to all the characters, but it turned out into something more while I was making it, an overall sadness for all the lives and hopes lost (on both sides) took over and... here it is...
Maybe a summary of this vid would be: "And then, one day, the war was over..."
Hope you'll enjoy watching! :)
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(Please watch in high quality.)

Song: Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle
Characters: dolls&handlers
Summary: "It's easy to become attached to your assigned active. The fact is, it's necessary. But don't think of them as children...think of them as pets..." - Dominic (ep 1-8)
Download: (67MB) link

This is my first Dollhouse vid and as much as I wanted to start with a Paul&Mellie vid I just couldn't find the right song so I made this one while I search.
(and I decided to save the kind offer to do beta from [ profile] mfirefly10 for Paul&Mellie vid :) )

I made this vid very fast (for my and played a lot with effects...and I'm not sure that was a good thing...but, there is only one way to learn.

This one being my third dark and depressive vid, I just wanted to finish it and move on to something light and happy :D but then I remembered Mourn the Fallen challenge at
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(Please watch in high quality.)
Song: Ugly Side - Blue October
Characters: Edward and Bella (Edward's POV)
Summary: "I was battling with myself so strongly - half desperate for her to accept, half desperate to keep the warnings..." - Edward Cullen
Download: (103MB) link

Many thanks to [ profile] mfirefly10 for doing beta for me and helping me with some good advices.

After reading Midnight Sun I became even more fascinated (if that's by Edward Cullen's character so I had to make a vid about him. It's about some of his internal struggles described in MS. One song just couldn't cover all of

I hope you'll enjoy watching this vid and let me know what you think.
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

This is my first Twilight vid :)

It's very differet from my previous one (all dark and angsty) but I needed a change.
This one is simple, easygoing and a bit of fluffy ... and I enjoyed every second while making it.
The song (and the whole "Bones" soundtrack) was a pleasant discovery for me and I guess not many people have heard this one (screaming at me "perfect for E&B vid!!!" :D).
Many thanks to [ profile] agathons_fan for her help on deciding what to do with one part of this song I had trouble how to vid. Without that this vid would be much shorter and not nearly as good.

I hope you'll enjoy watching this one and let me know what you think.

Song: Angel - Sinead O'Connor (from "Bones" soundtrack)
Characters: Edward and Bella
Spoilers: Twilight movie
Summary: The lyrics explain it all. It's about how Bella sees him, as a beautiful angel who actually can't see himself that way.
Download (HD-102MB): link
lyrics and notes )
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OMG, I finally managed to join galactica vids community and post there. Joining wasn't so hard if you don't count endless exploring of FAQ about how it all goes, who can watch my entry, who can't, if I post something in my LJ page who can see it, how to get notifications if someone posts there, what is lj cut???, how to make my name look like a link to my lj account ( [ profile] chamalla - and it doesn't work here?!),how to add a link...and the list continues...****
And since I haven't posted this vid to my journal at all (and I won't do it NOW) I'll just have to edit this entry ('cos I just spent a half an hour trying to find it....)and add my post at galactica vids here.

Song: Head Down - Nine Inch Nails
Vidder: [ profile] chamalla
Main characters: Tigh/Chief/Anders/Tory
Spoilers: Seasons 1 to 4
Summary: Story about "final four" cylons. It begins at the end of S3 and continues until the end of S4 with many flashes of most important moments in their past. It is a reminder of who they were back then and who they are supposed to be now.
Hi everyone :)
I'm new at LJ and this community too. I've been into vidding for two years now but I haven't made many of them. The vid posted here I made after a long (much needed) pause which I had to have so I could finally learn more about Vegas (I'm Vegas 8 Pro user) and editing in general.
Format of this vid is 4:3. Right after I uploaded it to YT it switched to widescreen... Ah, well...I hope they will fix that so older vids can be watched without those big black bars on each side...

You can watch it at You Tube and download via sendspace (119MB)

Comments are highly appreciated, constructive or general.
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