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I've been away for too long (spending my time on research mostly) and I see everyone on my flist has been busy in the past week... I'll try to catch up soon :)

I also did watch few awesome vids (and downloaded a bunch of them for later) but I'll rec only one for now :)

Beware...this song is addictive...I can't seem to get it out of my

[Dollhouse] Adelle & Victor - Coin-Operated Boy by [ profile] thebloodwine

You can leave some feedback to the author HERE

Not only did she choose the perfect song but the editing is perfect too. It describes the essence of "relationship" Adelle and Victor have in, at first, funny way, but leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth.
I'm in a hurry now so deeper thoughts will have to wait for later.
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:D My first competition and my first (gorgeous and shiny) award.

CJA - Best in show (BSG) award

I don't know what to say, except that I never expected to win anything so this came as a complete and pleasant surprise!

And, I have one more pretty award graphic I just have to show - It's BSG ;) and very appropriate for genre contenders don't you think (or any contenders :) ).

CJA - Genre contender round 2

I submitted 3 of my vids and Dust in the Wind is listed as a contender for Drama, Bodies for Horror and Kung-Fu for Comedy/Crack :)

Most of the vids I liked (and I watched all 95 of them) won something but there are a few surprises...
Anyway, I'm reccing a few,...well, more than just a few :) of my personal favourites here and I'll keep my comments short. Some of them won the awards, some not, and some won different awards that I thought they would. All things considered it was a really tough competition and I think the judges did their best.

vid recs - 15 min of pure awesomness )
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Finalists of round 2 are out! Those people really work fast.
There are 96 of them and I'll be over there watching them all...'cos I KNOW they are all excellent ....and I'll try to guess which one will win ;)
(Titles are links to streaming sites)

Let's say this is the first competition that I dared to submit any of my vids (the first one being Vidorama comm that is closed now) and all 3 (to my big surprise!) passed.

I'm a happy vidder now :D

(and I don't expect to win anything - just to get some incentive to continue vidding and become better in it ;) )


One vid that I'm sure would win just about everything at CJA isn't there :( I have to rec it :)
This one would surely kick up standards even more, so.... for all of you that haven't seen it yet....GO! GO! GO!...NOW!
(I strongly recommend downloading the better version of this vid at author's lj - link at the end of this post)

Unnatural Selection - Battlestar Galactica/Terminator: Sarah Connor by [ profile] charmax

And if you liked it go HERE and give the author some love :)
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This vid was recently recced in [ profile] otw_news and I don't know how many people watched it...but IT'S A MUST SEE!!!

I'm not sure if it will be so funny if you don't know both Buffy and Twilight stories though.

I don't think I EVER laughed so much (except to that Battlestar Galactica: What the Frak is Going On? vid.

Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remixed) by rebelliouspixels

The author left a summary explaining the purpose of this vid BUT I don't care really what his intentions's AU and hilarious. That's what matters to me.
And I'm explaining 'cos I don't want Twilight fans to feel offended in some way. I never heard of "team Buffy" until now and it seems like they are some kind of Twilight haters??? (...fandom drama/wars?...guh)
This vid though doesn't feel offencive to me. *shrugs*

Vid rec

Jun. 6th, 2009 06:42 pm
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I've watched so many unbelievably good vids in past few weeks!!! (beside ones made for Mourn The Fallen Challenge at ATS) and I just have to share some of them :D

click for 3x4 minutes of pure awesomeness )


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