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Please watch in HQ.

Song: Bodies - Drowning Pool
Characters: Alpha centered vid
Spoilers: Season 1 clips
Length: 1:53
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: Alan Tudyk rocked (in) Dollhouse! This vid is a tribute to the character he plays - Alpha - as much as to his acting skills. Hopefully we'll see more of him :)
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(Please watch in high quality.)

Song: Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle
Characters: dolls&handlers
Summary: "It's easy to become attached to your assigned active. The fact is, it's necessary. But don't think of them as children...think of them as pets..." - Dominic (ep 1-8)
Download: (67MB) link

This is my first Dollhouse vid and as much as I wanted to start with a Paul&Mellie vid I just couldn't find the right song so I made this one while I search.
(and I decided to save the kind offer to do beta from [ profile] mfirefly10 for Paul&Mellie vid :) )

I made this vid very fast (for my and played a lot with effects...and I'm not sure that was a good thing...but, there is only one way to learn.

This one being my third dark and depressive vid, I just wanted to finish it and move on to something light and happy :D but then I remembered Mourn the Fallen challenge at
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Last two eps were awesome!
They finally gave us the reason to really care about the characters by revealing some of their secrets. Also, the stories are getting better too.

I was hoping that in the latest ep there would be more material I could use for my new vid (which is going great - almost 70% done :D - without effects though...) but instead we got a lot of Paul&Mellie and now I think there is enough material for the other vid I'm thinking about.
In any case I'm happy ;)


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