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Song: Ease my Pain by Declan Flynn and Brian Wayy
Characters: Edward & Bella (no Jacob!)
Spoilers: Twilight movie and two released trailers for New Moon
Length: 3:15
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Download link: (avi/53MB) HERE or slightly better version (avi/3Mbps/77MB) HERE

This song was first used in one awesome Supernatural vid Ease my Pain made by [ profile] secretlytodream . I can only wish she made it for Twilight, or at least make one TW vid... What can I say...her vids are amazing!

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Please watch in HQ.

Song: The Pledge by Brendan Benson
Characters: Edward centered vid
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Summary: Edward Cullen...light :D
Length: 2:00
Download link:(45MB) HERE
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Notes: All that sad and gloomy atmosphere that follows New Moon has a strange effect on me - it seems I can't stop making funny Twilight vids, at least not before I decide to make a New Moon one So, after Kung-Fu one here comes another.
If you take a look at the lyrics you'll see why this song felt perfect for Edward ;)

I hope you like this one and tell me what you think.

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Please watch in HQ.

Title: Twilight - Kung-Fu Fighting
Song: Kung-Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Characters: Bella & Vampires
Spoilers: clips from Twilight movie
Length: 2:40
Summary: There is none!
Download link: (62MB) HERE

Notes: The idea for this vid came from lovely and talented [ profile] mizramanips as she requested it and I want to thank her again for letting me do this vid (and for my new, soon to be uploaded, header!!!)
As it happens she has this song as a ringtone and she didn't turn it off while watching Twilight...and it started ringing during the ballet studio scene...:D
Also I want to thank [ profile] mfirefly and [ profile] agathons_fan for doing beta for this one, and [ profile] sabaceanbabe too for trying even though she's not a Twilight fan at

I never did a request vid AND I have no trust in my sense of humour hence my begging everyone for Thank you again guys :)

Hope you all like it and have fun as much as I did while making it :D
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(Please watch in high quality.)
Song: Ugly Side - Blue October
Characters: Edward and Bella (Edward's POV)
Summary: "I was battling with myself so strongly - half desperate for her to accept, half desperate to keep the warnings..." - Edward Cullen
Download: (103MB) link

Many thanks to [ profile] mfirefly10 for doing beta for me and helping me with some good advices.

After reading Midnight Sun I became even more fascinated (if that's by Edward Cullen's character so I had to make a vid about him. It's about some of his internal struggles described in MS. One song just couldn't cover all of

I hope you'll enjoy watching this vid and let me know what you think.
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

This is my first Twilight vid :)

It's very differet from my previous one (all dark and angsty) but I needed a change.
This one is simple, easygoing and a bit of fluffy ... and I enjoyed every second while making it.
The song (and the whole "Bones" soundtrack) was a pleasant discovery for me and I guess not many people have heard this one (screaming at me "perfect for E&B vid!!!" :D).
Many thanks to [ profile] agathons_fan for her help on deciding what to do with one part of this song I had trouble how to vid. Without that this vid would be much shorter and not nearly as good.

I hope you'll enjoy watching this one and let me know what you think.

Song: Angel - Sinead O'Connor (from "Bones" soundtrack)
Characters: Edward and Bella
Spoilers: Twilight movie
Summary: The lyrics explain it all. It's about how Bella sees him, as a beautiful angel who actually can't see himself that way.
Download (HD-102MB): link
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New fandom

Jan. 17th, 2009 06:49 pm
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Other than this flu and chronic BSG addiction, light case of Prison Break obsession (that is currently under control ;)), now I think I "caught" another one. I'm such a sucker for Helo/Sharon story like love stories. And for this new obsession I have [ profile] agathons_fan to thank for :)
It all started with one song (really, really good one so I'm giving a link in case anyone wants to check it out) and then I did some searching for screencaps (just as a material to make a present), watched almost a whole movie (in caps) while doing that, then watched the movie itself and now I'm hooked...I'm at the end of the third book ...*headdesk* ..and I have the right song for a vid...
Heh, what can I say...I love Twilight!
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