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Song: Ease my Pain by Declan Flynn and Brian Wayy
Characters: Edward & Bella (no Jacob!)
Spoilers: Twilight movie and two released trailers for New Moon
Length: 3:15
Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Download link: (avi/53MB) HERE or slightly better version (avi/3Mbps/77MB) HERE

This song was first used in one awesome Supernatural vid Ease my Pain made by [ profile] secretlytodream . I can only wish she made it for Twilight, or at least make one TW vid... What can I say...her vids are amazing!


Out of time, I hear your voice
Break through the noise
And pain, my heart’s refrain

Why can’t I convince myself
That this is the right time
To contend

Will you please ease my pain

Notes about the vid

While making this vid I was rereading NM again in order to do it right and I hope I managed to do so. It was never my intention to judge what she does - just showing how she feels.

I did use his face instead just his voice for two reasons: Visuals made the effect better and I suck at sound

There are other things too, like the timeline of events, but I decided to go with the song and not be too strict about it, so... the chain of events is the same but interleaved with her dreams (or nightmares) and her memories of him where they shouldn't be (or not to that extent), and also the times before her awakening is out of order. In the end I can only hope I managed to convey her story and her emotions right.

I decided also to leave out Jacob and make it Bella's own, personal universe, to show her feelings and thoughts that she wouldn't let anyone else see, not even Jacob.

That's about it. I really don't like explaining my vids too much. I prefer the viewers to have their own experience and share their thoughts whether they liked it or not :)

Sources for this vid:
- Twilight DVD
- Twilight extended scenes
- Trailers 1&2
- Music video - Dido - Don't leave home
- Music video - Evanescence - Lithium

Vidder's notes

This is the first vid I made using Vegas Pro 9, first time I used Lagarith codec for editing and the first time I worked with 5 different sources (all in different aspect/ratio, frame rate and region). It was fun :D and I hope I didn't make too much mistakes. One thing is sure - that clear picture I got with Lagarith restrained me from using too many effects and colours...I was too pleased not to see any more flickers and

I did have real trouble picking the right font and I'm still not satisfied :( I hope the one I used doesn't stick out too much. To make it even harder for me, for some reason (and I didn't have time to investigate why), the text effects little timeline refused to work..gah! I was left with pan/crop and fade...

And the colouring...omg the colouring...That took me hours to get it right. One thing is sure...different colourings of the TSaga movies - not good news for

I really tried not to get too depressed while reading the book and making a vid about it but I failed... So my next project would be a fluffy (but not necessarily happy) Moonlight vid ;)...or something completely different :)
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