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OMG, I finally managed to join galactica vids community and post there. Joining wasn't so hard if you don't count endless exploring of FAQ about how it all goes, who can watch my entry, who can't, if I post something in my LJ page who can see it, how to get notifications if someone posts there, what is lj cut???, how to make my name look like a link to my lj account ( [ profile] chamalla - and it doesn't work here?!),how to add a link...and the list continues...****
And since I haven't posted this vid to my journal at all (and I won't do it NOW) I'll just have to edit this entry ('cos I just spent a half an hour trying to find it....)and add my post at galactica vids here.

Song: Head Down - Nine Inch Nails
Vidder: [ profile] chamalla
Main characters: Tigh/Chief/Anders/Tory
Spoilers: Seasons 1 to 4
Summary: Story about "final four" cylons. It begins at the end of S3 and continues until the end of S4 with many flashes of most important moments in their past. It is a reminder of who they were back then and who they are supposed to be now.
Hi everyone :)
I'm new at LJ and this community too. I've been into vidding for two years now but I haven't made many of them. The vid posted here I made after a long (much needed) pause which I had to have so I could finally learn more about Vegas (I'm Vegas 8 Pro user) and editing in general.
Format of this vid is 4:3. Right after I uploaded it to YT it switched to widescreen... Ah, well...I hope they will fix that so older vids can be watched without those big black bars on each side...

You can watch it at You Tube and download via sendspace (119MB)

Comments are highly appreciated, constructive or general.


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