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Can this show be any more awesome than it already is?! - YES IT CAN!

What an explosive beginning of the new season...there was action, humor, drama...everything, and the beginning....I'm not embarrassed at all to admit that I was jumping around to AC/DC - Thunderstruck :D

And!...them messing with slash fans never stops to amuse me.
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I started shipping another human&vampire couple...Mick & Beth from Moonlight..., yet another show that got cancelled. I seem to have a thing for lost

That made me think about all the shows/fandoms I care about and I couldn't even remember them all at once so I decided to make a

To be honest, BSG was (and still is) my only real fandom, the one I was really invested in, at times more than I should, and sometimes not as much as I wanted to. Now that I got so obsessed with vidding I think "vidding is my fandom". I saw that line in one icon and now I realised how much of that is true in my case, at least for now. I wish i have more time for that too but that's a separate story. I think I'm still suffering from fandom (BSG) withdrawal syndrome and I can't see myself invested in any other fandom like that. Twilight fandom is so much fun and I love it but everything is known there, no mystery, no suspense to what will happen next. I met some wonderful people there :D and that makes me really happy. Lost and Supernatural I like the most but I never had the time for those fandoms nor I ever felt sucked in like with BSG. Actually I think I don't think I'll ever have time for more than one or two fandoms at the time (and there will never be a show as good as BSG...*sigh*).

THE list )
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After rewatching Terminator - The Sara Connor Chronicles it was only natural to watch Terminator -Salvation movie so that's what I did, with great expectations naturally..

Terminator movie SUCKS! ....and TSCC is cancelled...there is no justice in this world *cries*

I wanted so much to write about all the reasons why I didn't like this movie but then I decided it's not even worth the trouble.

Even comparing it to TSCC feels wrong and insulting TO ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TV THAT GOT CANCELLED!

In other news...Leverage ROCKS! (Watched S1 only)

Anyone know some comm on LJ where I can find Leverage icons???
I sooo want one with Eliot connecting usb to a cassette, preferably a gif :D
(and my next geeky post will explain

Edit: I was away for a few days and I am certain I missed someones birthday. And I can't remember. I had that announcement on my home page and now it's gone.
What I'm saying is...I'm sorry...
That's what happens when you turn off all messages and e-mails on LJ. Now I'll HAVE TO fix that.
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Last two eps were awesome!
They finally gave us the reason to really care about the characters by revealing some of their secrets. Also, the stories are getting better too.

I was hoping that in the latest ep there would be more material I could use for my new vid (which is going great - almost 70% done :D - without effects though...) but instead we got a lot of Paul&Mellie and now I think there is enough material for the other vid I'm thinking about.
In any case I'm happy ;)
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Finally got some time to watch it and all I can say is WOW!!!
Same thing happened (as always) when I have no hope a show would be any good - I'm always
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