Sep. 11th, 2009

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This has been one really good week.
I finished one vid, I won two :D awards in a Twilight vidding contest (I'll post about it later when the awards are finished), AND...most importantly, I started working on solving one major problem in RL.
And that last thing feels so good even though there is no guarantee that everything will turn out as I would like to. Just dealing with the problem is making me hyper happy!

ETA: I got my gorgeous awards :D

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I started shipping another human&vampire couple...Mick & Beth from Moonlight..., yet another show that got cancelled. I seem to have a thing for lost

That made me think about all the shows/fandoms I care about and I couldn't even remember them all at once so I decided to make a

To be honest, BSG was (and still is) my only real fandom, the one I was really invested in, at times more than I should, and sometimes not as much as I wanted to. Now that I got so obsessed with vidding I think "vidding is my fandom". I saw that line in one icon and now I realised how much of that is true in my case, at least for now. I wish i have more time for that too but that's a separate story. I think I'm still suffering from fandom (BSG) withdrawal syndrome and I can't see myself invested in any other fandom like that. Twilight fandom is so much fun and I love it but everything is known there, no mystery, no suspense to what will happen next. I met some wonderful people there :D and that makes me really happy. Lost and Supernatural I like the most but I never had the time for those fandoms nor I ever felt sucked in like with BSG. Actually I think I don't think I'll ever have time for more than one or two fandoms at the time (and there will never be a show as good as BSG...*sigh*).

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