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For a while I'll be staying away from anything other than vidding tech stuff on the net.
Yes. I'm finally resolved to learn how to make some good quality vids. (FYI I'm still vidding with xvid even though I have the same shows/movies on DVD *hangs head in shame*)

It may prove to be huge, time-consuming task but I just can't watch another great quality vid without whining "why can't my vids look like that" Seriously, I really want to cry when I watch that clear, sharp picture...and then my messy, blurry vids...

The problem is that I have a good idea about just how much I have to learn and it's terrifying to know how much time this task will consume. One thing you don't know leads to another and it goes on like that. I keep finding myself reading about things like, for example, history of
But, I have to do it. Now.

So far (in the past 5 days) I accomplished to learn how to make my DVD region free (with a little help), how to rip a DVD and how to compress files with Lagarith codec using VirtualDubMode :D
That sounds easy but I did a lot of research just to get familiar with the terms used, to understand what exactly they mean and to make some right decisions. The problem is that there are so many ways to do something and it's not easy to decide what to do.
For example, should I deinterlace or not/why? (Yes I did), when/why? - before editing or after (before), to use separate program or just go with deinterlacing in your editing program/why? (I did it in VDM)....
I researched a lot in order to make an informed decision. Also, because if you don't do it right you'll have to do it all over again...and because I want to know So now I know something about codecs, containers, frames, interlacing, deinterlacing &compression. And that's just something to start with. Mysteries of various codecs, file types, pixels!, aspect ratio!, encoding, sound...all that and so much more is still ahead of me.

I will not become better in vidding doing all this, I know that. I'm just learning how to get&use tools that experienced vidders are using so my vids will at least look descent.

I learned a lot in this place Foolish Passion I still have to thank them all for awesome tutorials and for creating that place!

I'll write about my progress (in detail) and (past and new) experiences in separate posts tagged vidding tech.
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