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I've been away for too long (spending my time on research mostly) and I see everyone on my flist has been busy in the past week... I'll try to catch up soon :)

I also did watch few awesome vids (and downloaded a bunch of them for later) but I'll rec only one for now :)

Beware...this song is addictive...I can't seem to get it out of my

[Dollhouse] Adelle & Victor - Coin-Operated Boy by [ profile] thebloodwine

You can leave some feedback to the author HERE

Not only did she choose the perfect song but the editing is perfect too. It describes the essence of "relationship" Adelle and Victor have in, at first, funny way, but leaves a bittersweet taste in your mouth.
I'm in a hurry now so deeper thoughts will have to wait for later.

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Thanks so much for the rec! I'm still such a new vidder so it's awesome you actually like this enough to make a post about it ;)

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Hey *waves*..nice to see you here too.
I've been so busy lately and never got to answering all me emails.

You are new at vidding?! OMG...I can't wait to see what you'll make next!

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You couldn't tell I was new at vidding?? Wow mission accomplished lol ;)

This is only my 4th vid, I made 3 in a row at the beginning of the year, and then nothing for about 6 months because the evil time-sucker that is school got in the way.
I finally started and finished this one over the summer holidays. So technically I've been at it for about 7 months, but I've only had a few months of REAL experience and I'd never even heard of Sony Vegas Pro before I started. So I still have soooo much to learn! Your Final Four vid was actually a big inspiration when I first started out :D

I added you btw, you don't have to add me back if you don't want to, I know my journal is incredibly boring so far ;) but I do like to read my friendspage every now and then.

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Well, when someone has talent a lot of experience isn't necessary ;)

Now you reminded me of that Final Four vid of mine that I need to remaster in HD...Actually that one can be marked as the beginning of mine real experience. That's when I really started to learn about some of the possibilities Vegas really has (and I do admit using too many various effects in that one) and soon after that I started vidding other fandoms too. Now I can't seem to stop both watching fanvids and making them.
Vegas Pro 9 is just many new effects...I've been trying them out for the whole week now so I highly recommend it to anyone ;)

Adding you back :) My journal isn't that much exciting

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I'd love to see the Final Four vid in HD! All the various effects it has really showed me the possibilities of Vegas too, so it might be almost too much effects but it's a good Vegas Pro commercial ;) I just installed Vegas Pro 9 but I haven't really tried it out yet.. I saw some awesome new effects on youtube though so I can't wait to test it! I think I wanna do a True Blood vid next but I haven't found the right song yet..

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Check new gradient transitions and soft focus first ;)..and that fill light effect...I can't stop using that one...:)

Looks like we are on the same page at the moment...I mean into vampire
I just finished Twilight/New Moon vid and I'm planning to make some fluffy Moonlight vid next (NM depressed me way too
I haven't watched True Blood (so I can't help with some song ideas)...yet...but so many people I know love it and now I plan to see it right after I finish The Legend of the Seeker...and then I'll probably make another vampire vid...*headdesk*