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chamalla ([personal profile] chamalla) wrote2009-06-06 06:42 pm
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Vid rec

I've watched so many unbelievably good vids in past few weeks!!! (beside ones made for Mourn The Fallen Challenge at ATS) and I just have to share some of them :D

First on the list - winner for the best editing at CJA (Creative Junkyard Awards) is a vid made by [profile] azertynin called I'm a warship. (Andromeda, Rommie fanvid).
Let me just say that the award is well deserved. This vid is just...perfect.

Moving on... :)
Second on my list is a vid made by veryval (on YT) - winner for best character recap at CJA, titled The Joker is TOXIC !!!!!.
I'm not a big Britnie fan but I admit to watching this vid more times than I can

And I saved my fav for the end ;)
Vid made by [personal profile] sabaceanbabe called Sarah Connor Chronicles - Time Won't Save My Soul (Oh, I miss that show already...)

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